Microsoft’s Azure DevOps Pipeline is a big deal

Microsoft is making the first move into cloud-based software development for large enterprises.

The company’s cloud-as-a-service cloud offering, Azure Devops, is now open for business.

The move follows years of talks about the need to build an open cloud platform for software development.

Microsoft has been a leader in building software as a service (SaaS) platforms for years.

It has been building out its Azure Dev Ops platform since last year, but it was a bit behind in the open cloud game until now.

With Azure Devop now open, developers can now build their apps with a modern, easy-to-use interface, which means they can run on a variety of hardware platforms.

This is great news for cloud-native developers, but the new Devops API makes it even easier to use a cloud-ready app.

“It’s been a long time coming, but Azure DevOPS has been built for developers, and we’re pleased to see it now available for all developers,” said Adam Kneebone, senior vice president of Azure Dev and Cloud Engineering at Microsoft.

“With Azure, you can run your apps on any platform, any hardware, any cloud, and you’ll be able to create and deploy them to Azure and run on it on any machine, anywhere in the world.

Developers can easily integrate their code in Azure Dev ops without having to go through the hassle of running code in the cloud.”

For developers, this means they now have the ability to use the Devops framework to develop and deploy their applications on a range of hardware and cloud platforms, and can also make sure they’re ready to go in the future.

The Devops Platform includes a set of tools, including an automated development workflow, code review tools, and a developer portal where developers can upload their code.

The new DevOps API allows developers to easily integrate the DevOps framework into Azure, including a code review tool and automated build and deployment.

The new Devop Platform includes the ability for developers to use Devops to build a custom deployment for a wide range of machines and cloud-wide deployment, as well as a set and template of Devops deployment instructions for different platforms.

Devops can also be used with existing software.

Developers now have access to Azure’s DevOps tools, which allow them to easily build and deploy cloud-backed apps with the Dev Ops Framework.

The devops platform includes DevOps build tools, such as Devops Build Builder, and Devops Deployment Wizard.

Devops can be used to build apps for cloud, desktop, or mobile platforms.

The Devops platform also includes a developer API for developers that allows them to deploy, manage, and manage cloud-managed Devops projects and services, as described by the Devop Team blog post.

The developers also have the option of enabling Devops for use with Azure AD, Microsoft’s hybrid cloud service.

Microsoft has built out the DevOPS platform with the support of Azure’s Azure AD service.

With Devops installed, it is now possible to deploy Devops apps on Azure AD and use Azure AD tools to build and manage them, including the ability of creating Devops deployments on Azure.

DevOps developers can also use DevOps Build Builder to quickly and easily build Devops-enabled applications with the Azure Devstack.

Devop users can also easily use Devop to manage Azure AD projects and Azure AD services.

For cloud developers, the Devpocalypse has brought a host of new features to the table.

Devpolicies can now be configured to limit the size of the app they create to less than 2GB, for example, so that they are always up to date.

The Cloud Deployment Services (CDS) platform is now available to cloud-owned and cloud services, including DevOps, for developers who want to leverage the DevPolicies to deploy apps on Microsoft’s cloud.

Dev Ops developers can use Devpocrats to quickly manage Azure apps on Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS.

The Azure Devpops API now includes the Devo and Devo-in-Azure (DAA) capabilities for DevOps and DevOps APIs.

Devo is an Azure-hosted DevOps platform for Azure, with the ability, for instance, to deploy applications on Windows and OS X, as part of a DevOps workflow.

Dev Pops allows Devops developers to quickly deploy applications from Windows to Linux, Android, and other platforms.

The CDS platform is also available to Devops on Linux, OS X and Windows.

In addition to Devop, Microsoft is also rolling out support for the Cloud App Platform (CAP), a new cloud-specific DevOps toolkit that makes it easier to deploy and manage DevOps applications on Microsoft cloud-hosting solutions.

CAP includes the new Cloud App platform, and the Dev ops and Dev ops APIs that are already included with Devops.

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