How to get a Keystone XL pipeline project off the ground: How to buy a pipeline and get it built

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised to give Canadians the chance to see a new Keystone XL oil pipeline built on their land.

Keystone XL was the first major energy project approved by a federal government in the U.S. for years, but it is still in the planning stages, with the approval process for its Northern Gateway pipeline set to start this month.

Trudeau has said he wants the project to be built by 2025, a timeline he says is achievable given the climate change challenges Canada faces and the country’s reliance on oil.

Keystones first proposed route to the Gulf of Mexico was through the Alberta oilsands.

But the pipeline was never built because of environmental concerns and the cost.

It would have run from Edmonton, Alberta to refineries on the Gulf Coast of Canada.

Trudeau said he will give Canadians a chance to view a pipeline that he said would create tens of thousands of jobs in his first year in office.

He said he is confident in the pipeline’s environmental credentials, and its potential to bring billions of dollars in investment to Canada.

“The oil and gas industry has said from day one that it has the capacity to deliver this pipeline.

We know it,” he said in a statement Friday.”

Canada has an opportunity to show that it can deliver on its promise of creating millions of new jobs and a safe environment, while maintaining our leadership in the global fight against climate change.”

I am excited that Canada has shown the world that Canada can make progress on the Keystone XL and Northern Gateway pipelines and that the world can follow,” he added.

Trudeaus government will be giving Canadians the opportunity to vote on the pipeline, and the project is expected to receive an endorsement from more than 50 countries.

It will be the first of many pipelines under construction in the coming months.

Trudeau’s announcement came just days after the federal Liberal government announced it was moving ahead with its plan to create an international forum to tackle climate change, which is expected in the spring.

Canada’s climate change plan will focus on how the country can meet its greenhouse gas emissions reduction commitments by 2025 and to cut greenhouse gas pollution by 20 per cent by 2050.

The government has set aside $50 billion for an international climate change forum to address the issue.

Traditionally, Canada has had an international environmental forum to discuss climate change issues, but that has been largely focused on issues related to oil and coal.

Canada’s emissions have been falling steadily, as oil prices have plummeted.

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