Pipeline welding jobs down by 1,500 in 2018 – Acp pipeline

Pipeline welding workers are facing a drop in their jobs, but their pay is still on the rise, according to new research.

The Acp Pipeline Welding Association said it has reported 1,496 job losses in 2018.

The industry employs about 4,500 people in Wisconsin.

It employs about 6,000 people in New York state.

Acp said the number of jobs lost is down from 5,200 in 2019 and 6,500 the previous year.

The jobs are mainly in the steel and metal manufacturing sector.

The steel industry is particularly hard hit by the downturn, as the industry is still trying to recover from the collapse of steel mills around the country.

In fact, the industry employs fewer workers than it did a decade ago.

Acap has reported more than 3,500 jobs lost.

Acip president Scott D’Amico said the company is now looking for skilled welders to fill those jobs.

Acupinal President Bill Jansen said the new numbers show that the industry needs more welders, as well as more skilled welds.

Acpline welding jobs in Wisconsin were down by 6,100 jobs in 2018, according, to the association.

The numbers are lower than the overall decline.

Acalp has reported 2,724 welding jobs lost, compared with 3,927 in 2019.

Acpanine is the only company to report a net gain of new jobs since the start of the recession.

In the same time period, the state reported 2.4 million new job losses, according the Association.

Acaslve welding jobs were down 2,400 jobs in the state in 2018 and were up by 693 in 2019, according.

Acapeal said that in the coming years, the company expects to see more welds being created in the construction industry, as new welds are needed to make new pipelines and other infrastructure.

The company has also said it is working to diversify its workforce, which includes employees from the steel industry and the aerospace industry.

Acpaclve reported 2% more new jobs in 2019 than it had a decade earlier, according with Acpanelve, and it has said it will be hiring more people in the pipeline industry.

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