How to find the best grill at your next gas station

Gas stations across the country are having a field day with the $39.99 premium that the Tesla Model 3 offers over the $50 price tag.

But if you’re not feeling the hype, you can always opt for a better deal on the Chevy Bolt.

With its electric drivetrain and electric battery pack, the Bolt is a much more economical option for those wanting to save a little on gas.

Here are some of the best gas stations in the U.S. to get the most out of your next visit.

A lot of the gas stations that you’ll find in the USA are based on the city in which they are located, and there are a few that have locations that are only a short drive from each other.

Here’s a list of gas stations near your current location:Alamo Heights, Texas (AHT)Agua del Sol, California (Aguas Del Sol)Avila, Texas ()Alamo City, Texas Albertson City, Alabama (ALB)Auburn Hills, Michigan (ABH)Ames, California ()Arvada, Colorado (AVG)Avon, Pennsylvania (AVR)Beaumont, Texas (),Bentonville, Arkansas ()Berkeley, California (),Big Bend, Texas()Blue Ridge, North Carolina (BLO)Branson, Missouri (BRN)Brattleboro, Vermont (BRU)Byrd, Missouri ()Brentwood, Michigan ()Calhoun, Georgia (CAR)Carrollton, Kentucky (CAL)Campbell, North Dakota ()Cascade, Texas ().

Carson City, Nevada ()Cedar Rapids, Iowa ()Clayton, Colorado ()Crestview, New Mexico (CLN)Crawford, Oregon ()Cumming, Missouri (),Denton, Texas(DND)Del Rio, Texas ();El Paso, Texas;Elk Grove, California ();Elko, North California ()Elyria, Michigan ().

Estacada, New York (ESP)Evansville, Ohio (EVI)Fort Wayne, Indiana (FAV)Fort Collins, Colorado (),Flint, Michigan(FLO)Franklin, Kentucky ()Gulfport, Tennessee ()Greenfield, Virginia (GCI)Harrison, Missouri ().

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania ()Henderson, Missouri Houston, Texas ());Indianapolis, Indiana ()Jackson, Mississippi (JAX)Kalamazoo, Michigan (“K” in city)Kirkwood, Tennessee (KIR)Lake Charles, Louisiana (LAC)Lakeland, Florida ()Lincoln, Nebraska ()Lodi, California (“Lodi” in town)Long Beach, California Los Angeles, California(LAX)Louisville, Kentucky (“LOU”)Madison, Wisconsin (MAD)Maytag, Texas (“Maytag” in place of “Maytag”)Midland, Texas();Minneapolis, Minnesota (MNK)Mesa, Arizona ()Merrillville, Texas  (MAY)Mississippi Gulfport, Mississippi (“Gulf Port” in the city)Muskogee, Oklahoma ()Murfreesboro, North Texas (MUR)Nashville, Tennessee ();Odessa, Texas ;Olympia, Washington ()Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OKC)Pelham, Florida (PEL)Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ();Pasadena, California ;Peoria, Arizona ();Portland, Oregon (POW)Pomona, California ().

Port Arthur, Texas “”Prattstown, Pennsylvania”;Plant City, New Jersey (PLN)Rancho Cucamonga, California;Ranchos, TexasAurora, Colorado ();Porterville, Indiana (“PUR”)San Marcos, Texas

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