‘You are the greatest’: Man says he wants to be a billionaire

Posted July 07, 2018 09:18:50 A New South Wales man says he’s not worried about his life and will be the greatest billionaire in the world.

Key points:A New South Welsh man says the banzai Pipeline will create jobs for his childrenKey pointsThe banzai will run from the city of Darwin to Newcastle on a pipeline that will connect two existing ports in Australia to the United StatesA man from New South Wascana, who is the CEO of the banzaman, told ABC Radio Darwin he was determined to be the richest man in Australia and wanted to be worth $200 billion.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said the banze pipeline would create jobs and a global market for his family and his children.

“I would say it’s the greatest business plan I’ve ever seen,” he said.

“The world is getting ready for a change and it’s very exciting.”

It’s a world where the global economy is going to start taking off and the global money is going back to the world.

“The banzama, a subsidiary of the billionaire Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, said in a statement that it was also exploring a proposal for a billion-dollar oil and gas field in the Northern Territory.”

This pipeline will help the communities of the Northern Territories develop, enhance their prosperity and create millions of new jobs,” it said.

But Mr Palmer said the pipeline would not create jobs.”

In fact it will cause massive economic damage to the communities, which will cause significant loss of life,” he told the ABC.”

You’re talking about a billion dollar pipeline that’s going to blow up, it’s going into a swamp, it could kill people, it will destroy wildlife.

“He said the proposal to build the pipeline was a joke and was a scam.”

He [Mr Palmer] is a fraud.

It’s a joke, and it should be called a scam,” Mr Palmer told ABC radio.”

If we are going to build this, we have to look at it through the prism of a real business.

“But it’s a hoax.

Mr Palmer, who lives in the remote New South wascana region of northern New South Territories, said he did not want his children to be able to study in the region and that he would “never want them” to live in his town.””

He’s making a lot of money off this, but he has no idea what he’s doing.”

Mr Palmer, who lives in the remote New South wascana region of northern New South Territories, said he did not want his children to be able to study in the region and that he would “never want them” to live in his town.

“We don’t want them living in Darwin, we want them in the north-west,” he added.

“My children are very educated, very bright and I don’t believe they should live in a city where the schools are overcrowded.”

The CEO of Banzaman says the company’s pipeline is not about greedBut Mr Palmers spokesman said he was aware of the problems caused by the pipeline, and was concerned that the proposal would cause massive damage to communities.

“Our pipeline will not cause a huge amount of damage to our community,” Mr Palmer said.

He said he also was concerned about the effect the pipeline could have on the environment.

“As you can see in this video, we are a very environmentally sensitive company,” he explained.

“And the idea that you can just dump this waste into the ocean and there’s nothing that can be done about it is just crazy.”

People need to realise there are environmental issues, we need to stop dumping waste into oceans and we need more money to clean up our environment.


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