When the leaders of the health care industry get the memo | MNN

A new survey shows the health and medicine industry is increasingly worried about the future of the American healthcare system.

The survey, conducted by the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation, found that a majority of the healthcare industry executives surveyed say they are concerned about the health of the U.S. health care system, and about the potential for the country to become a more expensive place to live, work and visit.

More than half (54%) of those surveyed say the country will become more expensive to live in by 2026, while 44% say it will be more expensive by 2033.

Only 12% of the surveyed executives say the health system will be better off financially.

In the wake of the Affordable Care Act’s passage, a majority (56%) of the industry executives said that they were concerned about what it means for the U,S.

economy, the country’s future and the cost of health care.

Nearly half (47%) of them said that health care costs would likely be higher in the years ahead.

The same number (47%) said that there would be more spending in the short term.

A majority of those polled said that it was too early to tell how the health sector would react to the ACA’s passage.

Only 6% of them think that the healthcare sector will be ready to go, while 31% think it will take time.

“There are going to be lots of questions about what will happen to health care spending going forward, and whether or not there will be a slowdown in spending in those years,” said Mary Beth Ahern, the executive director of the Kaiser Family Study.

“But a lot of this is coming from the people who are in the industry right now.”

The survey also found that, in their view, the Affordable Act has been successful in achieving its goal of getting the country more affordable.

More people have used health care coverage now than they did prior to the law’s passage (48% compared with 43% before the law, according to the Kaiser survey).

Nearly three-quarters (73%) say that the ACA has been a positive thing for the economy.

More than four-in-ten (39%) of respondents said that the Affordable “made things better” for them and their families.

More are saying that the law made things worse (23%) than good (13%).

Nearly half (48%) of employers say that they are willing to pay more for health care, while nearly a third (31%) of employees and 17% of self-employed people say they would be willing to lose their jobs in the coming years.

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