When the Pembina Pipeline Company stock hits $3 a share

By National Review StaffBy Michael Calderone,The National Review staffBy Jennifer Rubin,The Washington Post StaffBy Ryan Gallagher,The Hill StaffBy Sam Roberts,The Wall Street JournalStaffBy Jonathan Allen,The Daily Caller StaffBy Emily Greenblatt,The Huffington Post StaffThis article tagged under: pembinam pipeline,saboteau,senators bill,bill source National Journal title Sen. Bob Corker Says Senate Bills to End the Dakota Access Pipeline Should Be Called “The Pipelines Act” article The Senate on Tuesday unanimously passed a bipartisan bill to end the Dakota and Energy Transfer Pipelines, calling them “the pipelines” that “have been killing people in the Dakotas.”

The bill, introduced by Sens.

Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), Elizabeth Warren (D, Mass.) and Joe Manchin (D., W.

Va.), will head to the House, where it will have to pass by majority vote before the end of the week.

The Senate bill is modeled after a bipartisan resolution the Energy and Natural Resources Committee passed in April, which called for the pipelines to be stopped.

But it has been significantly scaled back.

For example, the Senate bill would prohibit the president from transferring federal funds to the pipelines until a decision is made about their future.

The legislation does not allow Congress to approve any final pipeline approval.

The bill also requires that any new pipeline project to be approved by Congress must include an “additional public benefits” component that would include a $1.1 billion payment to local communities in the event of a spill.

And it would ban any federal funding for a project that fails to meet these criteria.

If passed, the bill would require the Department of Interior to approve projects that are at least 90 percent complete and that also include an additional public benefits component.

The legislation also would require pipeline operators to submit their financial statements to the agency within 30 days.

And the legislation would require any projects in the pipeline’s route to include a “safety” component, as well as a requirement that the pipeline operator be “fully and fairly compensated for any loss or damage to human life or property.”

The bill also would prohibit any projects that could result in an environmental impact statement being filed by any company in the route.

The House passed a similar measure in May.

The House bill is identical in scope to the Senate one.

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