When a new Trans Mountain pipeline is built, it will need a pipeline to go through a mountain in Canada

The pipeline from B.C.’s northernmost tip to the coast of Prince Edward Island will be built through a remote section of the Great Bear Rainforest, and the new pipeline would need a tunnel for its passage, according to a new report.

The report, commissioned by the B.E.C. Ministry of Environment, is the first step in a project that’s expected to be the biggest environmental project in the province’s history.

B.L.O.E., a climate change-focused advocacy group, called the study “a critical step” toward “reinforcing the environmental stewardship of the region” and “providing a safe, secure and secure access to the pipeline site.”

A second report, issued in July, said the B-Line would need “a tunnel for passage” but that the tunnel would be built by “private companies.”

A third report, released in November, recommended building a second tunnel to accommodate more traffic on the corridor.

“The B-line project has been in the works for over a decade and will provide a critical link for the Bancroft River, which is currently closed to traffic due to a severe drought,” the ministry said in a statement to the CBC.

“While it will be challenging to complete the entire project in three years, we believe that B.B.M.P. will make a viable alternative to the Trans Mountain Pipeline.”

In November, B.F.L., the country’s largest private oil company, agreed to a $5.4-billion deal to buy the pipeline from Nexen.

The B.K.K., the provincial energy regulator, said it has “significant concerns” about the pipeline’s design.

It’s not clear whether the new study will result in a formal review of the project.

“I am pleased to report that the Department of Environment and Climate Change has conducted an independent environmental assessment that found no significant environmental impacts associated with the B1-Line,” B.A.E.’s climate change program manager, Sarah Gillett, told the CBC in an email.

“It also found that the proposed B1 LRT will not impact wildlife, the environment, or the Boreal forest.

I would also note that while the pipeline will have a significantly lower environmental impact than the B8 LRT, it is a high priority project for the province.”

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