Why you might be getting sick with pizza-related flu and what to do about it

Updated May 20, 2018 07:03:51 A new strain of the flu is spreading rapidly across Australia, with coronavirus cases and deaths climbing in several of the countrys biggest cities.

The coronaviruses H5N1 and H7N9 are hitting the most vulnerable in the community, as well as the elderly and pregnant women, with a record-high number of infections in Brisbane and Adelaide.

A total of 10,054 people in Queensland and 14,634 people in South Australia have had a positive test, and the numbers are expected to rise, coronaviral expert Dr Chris Jones said.

“There’s an increased number of coronavid infections and there’s an increasing number of hospitalisations in Brisbane, Adelaide and the Gold Coast,” Dr Jones said from Melbourne.

“And we’ve seen an increase in hospitalisations as well.

It’s very concerning.”

Mr Jones said the coronavillosis pandemic was “probably the biggest public health crisis in the history of Australia”.

“We’ve seen a surge in infections in some of the worst-hit regions, particularly in the Gold and Blue Mountains and in rural areas,” he said.

There have been more than 3,500 confirmed cases of coronvirus and 1,988 deaths in Queensland.

The latest figures show the coronviral epidemic has seen the most reported deaths in the state since April 1.

The Queensland Health Department is warning the coronivirus pandemic is “extremely dangerous” and a major public health emergency.

The department is working with the Australian Federal Government to make sure the emergency response is as thorough as possible, and is taking the opportunity to build community support.

“We are working with Queensland Health to work through what we can to make the response as robust as possible,” Mr Jones said, adding that coronavide can be taken by the elderly, pregnant women and others.

“The community is in the process of getting ready and prepared for this very important time in our lives, so we’ve got to do a very thorough and effective response.”

If we don’t get that response and the emergency system doesn’t get it right, we will have a very serious pandemic.

“The number of confirmed cases has risen to 7,846 in Queensland, with the death rate now at 10 per 100,000 people.

The state is still at “high risk” from a pandemic, but there are “fewer cases than usual” in Queensland as the coronovirus has been eradicated, Dr Jones warned.”

This is not the end of the pandemic,” he told ABC Radio Brisbane.”

As we move towards the end, we’re still in the middle of a very important pandemic that is happening in Australia.

“It is highly likely we will see another peak and then we’re back to normal.”

Dr Jones said that while it was a “huge concern”, there was also the chance of people living with COVID-19 having a “low level of exposure to it”.

“People who live in communities in high-risk areas are probably having their own little bit of exposure, and those people will have been exposed to COVID, so they’ll be exposed to it a little bit more than others,” he explained.

“But there is no real danger of that.

The risk is that the coronavidosis pandemics are being spread more rapidly through the community than we’ve been seeing in other parts of the world.”‘

People are really stressed’The Queensland Government is planning a three-week lockdown in the region, with police, firefighters and emergency services to be on standby.

“A three-day lockdown will be the most severe on record, as we have no clear plan to deal with the coronaviocarcinavirus pandemias,” Queensland Health Minister, Dr Chris Hartcher, said.

The lockdown is expected to last for at least two weeks, with an estimated 2,000 police and emergency workers deployed in Queensland’s biggest cities to prevent the spread of the coronaval virus.

“Emergency services have been instructed to be extra vigilant to detect and respond to any suspicious activity,” Dr Hartcher said.

A Queensland Government spokesperson said people who are worried about COVID should not go out alone, and people should avoid contact with the sick or those who are pregnant or nursing.

“People are being told to stay indoors and to avoid outdoor activities such as running or playing outdoors,” the spokesperson said.

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