How the Trump administration has been using the ‘birther’ controversy to distract from the Keystone XL pipeline

Now Playing: Trump: I didn’t want the ‘war on Christmas’ to continue Now Playing.

Watch: US Senate passes Keystone XL bill Now Playing – Watch the Senate vote to pass Keystone XL Now Playing Trump says he’ll sign pipeline project Now Playing President Trump says the Keystone pipeline will go ahead.

Now Playing Why the U.S. should approve Keystone XL project Now Adding to Keystone XL protests: Protestors outside White House demanding the Keystone project be allowed to proceed Now Playing ‘War on Christmas’: Trump to send a letter to Congress to support pipeline projectNow Playing ‘It’s time to stop the bullying’: Protesters in Nebraska demand pipeline be allowed on U.s. landNow Playing Trump: ‘War is coming.’

The U.N. climate change conference beginsNow Playing U.K. to vote on ‘Brexit’ vote next weekNow Playing President Donald Trump speaks about ‘War On Christmas’ Now Playing U., Australia trade ministers meet on climate change, tradeNow Playing Protesters outside White Senate demanding the pipeline be approvedNow Playing US Senate votes to approve KeystoneXL Now Playing US President Donald J. Trump signs bill to approve the KeystoneXL pipelineNow Playing The Latest: President Trump signs $716 billion bill to fund infrastructure and educationNow Playing Iran has agreed to withdraw from deal, Trump says, to stop it nowNow Playing Thousands of people take to the streets of Washington, DC, for Women’s March on WashingtonNow Playing Obama administration to give priority to climate actionNow Playing House Republicans to take up new climate legislation Now Playing Obama to meet with leaders of US Congress on climate action Now Playing The U, Australia trade minister meets with U.k. trade minister over climate policyNow Playing New Zealand Prime Minister to visit US on Climate Change DayNow Playing Former Obama official defends Keystone pipelineNow Working: U.C. Berkeley researchers propose climate change policy framework

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