When a Midwestern pipeline leaks methane and methane emissions, you don’t get a new gas line

Texas pipeline company Mid-Ohio Pipeline has issued a voluntary recall of its two largest pipelines after a leak of more than 6,000 pounds of methane, according to a news release.

The company said the methane was detected by the Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT) Safety Monitoring System (SMMS) on July 21.

The pipeline had been shut down since July.

The methane is estimated to be from the pipeline’s natural gas feeder system, which is typically located in the northern part of the state.

The feeder is connected to the Midwest Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Facility (MPHMF) in Houston, according the SMMS.

The pipeline was supposed to be inspected by the state’s Public Utilities Commission on July 23, but the inspections were delayed by a week, according TXDOT.

The leak is one of four pipeline leaks at the pipeline since the end of June, according Texas Department for Public Safety (DPS) records.

The spills occurred in the city of Dallas, and in parts of Harris County, according DPS.

In a statement, DPS said the agency will continue to monitor the pipeline for further leakage until it is completely shut down.

The agency also said the pipeline was inspected in December and discovered that the pipeline had not been fully inspected.

It was repaired and tested by a third party and no other leaks were discovered during the inspection, DPS added.

The SMMS, an information-sharing program operated by DPS, was launched in 2008.

It is an independent system that allows Texas and other states to share information on pipeline safety.

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The NRDC has been monitoring Texas pipelines since 2006, when the first pipeline leak was detected in the Mid-Texas River, which connects the Gulf of Mexico to Texas.

The NRDC’s executive director, Jamie Giesbrecht, said the state should follow NRDC lead and take urgent action to prevent pipeline leaks.

“If you don, you’re not going to fix the problem,” GiesBrecht said.

“If you do, you might be just delaying it and making it worse.”DPS said it has not found evidence that the leak at the Midwestern Pipeline was caused by human activity, and it has closed the pipeline and begun testing other pipeline facilities in the state, but has not shut down the pipeline.

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