The Truth About Pipeline Pipelines: The Facts and the Scary Truth

article An environmentalist has written a scathing op-ed for The New York Times about how pipelines are poisoning the air in a small town near her home in North Carolina.

“We are a nation that wants to live in peace, yet the water is poisoned by pipelines,” Emily K. Brown wrote in the op-ED.

Brown is a senior fellow at the Environmental Defense Fund and has written extensively about pipelines and the environment.

In the op, she argues that the United States has the world’s largest landmass and has a growing appetite for fossil fuels.

She argues that, despite all the good that comes with renewable energy, we’re also going to run out of fossil fuels, and we have to make do with what we have.

Brown says that the nation’s biggest oil and gas companies are getting away with poisoning the water by pumping large amounts of methane gas through the country’s natural gas pipelines.

Brown says that this process causes more than 200,000 deaths a year in the United Kingdom and is responsible for nearly 1 million premature deaths worldwide.

“Pipelines have poisoned our air and water,” Brown writes.

“There are communities across the country that have been devastated by the chemicals and toxins spewed by these pipelines.”

Brown writes that pipelines can be an environmental hazard because they’re often located in urban areas.

In addition, Brown points out that some pipelines are built on land that is otherwise unoccupied, and thus pose a threat to wildlife.

“Our land is a precious commodity,” Brown said in an interview with The Washington Post.

“It is sacred land, sacred to many of us.”

Brown’s op-Ed comes as President Donald Trump continues to push the idea of a major energy infrastructure investment that could lead to the construction of a new interstate highway connecting Texas to California.

The new highway would carry oil, natural gas and other products through the heart of the nation.

During the campaign, Trump proposed $4.5 trillion for infrastructure projects, which included the Keystone XL Pipeline, the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Dakota River Pipeline.

The president has since changed his mind, and the president is currently considering whether to approve the Dakota Gateway Pipeline, which would transport oil from North Dakota to Illinois.

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