When the ‘oil wars’ are over, Canada’s shale boom will be over

Oil and gas companies are pushing the Canadian government to make sure a controversial pipeline will be built to move oil and gas through the country’s vast shale fields.

The pipelines will allow Canada’s natural gas producers to import and export their natural gas and crude oil and liquefied natural gas.

The controversial Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines are under review by the Obama administration, but they’re among the most controversial pipeline projects in the country.

They could also become a battleground for anti-pipeline activists, who say the pipelines will undermine the environment and contribute to climate change.

Canada’s pipeline expansion plan is a test case of how oil and natural gas companies might view Canada’s potential energy independence in the coming decades.

Oil and Gas Minister Joe Oliver announced in June that the government would allow Kinder Morgan, the company behind the pipeline, to sell its rights to build the pipeline to the U.S. government for $5.6 billion.

Kinder Morgan’s application has received the support of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In an interview with The Wall St. Journal, Oliver said he supports the pipeline if it’s approved.

“The pipeline would provide a path to supply the United States of America with crude oil for the foreseeable future, but we’re not ready to put a price on the oil or gas.

We’re not sure how much oil or natural gas that will be needed.”

Kinder Morgan wants to build a pipeline to cross the U,S.

border with the southern states of Texas and Oklahoma.

It also wants to cross into Canada’s North Dakota territory, and export oil to the Midwest.

Kinder’s pipeline would carry oil and other heavy goods from the Bakken shale formation in North Dakota to terminals in Texas and Iowa.

The Canadian government has said the project could provide enough crude oil to supply 1.5 million U.s. homes for the next five years.

The pipeline’s opponents, who want to block it, argue it would cause climate change and harm the environment.

Oil companies have been pushing for the pipeline project for years.

In 2012, oil companies poured $500 million into a campaign against the project called Stop the Pipeline.

Since then, the United Nations and other groups have raised concerns about the project.

In May, Kinder Morgan filed a lawsuit in the U and U.K. courts in an attempt to stop the pipeline from being built.

The U.N. and other international organizations have called on Canada to halt construction.

In April, a federal judge in California blocked construction of the pipeline in the state of California.

In the case, the pipeline would have carried oil from the shale fields to the Port of Montreal, which is the main international terminal for the U-S.

Gulf Coast.

Canada has said it would build the oil terminal anyway, citing environmental and safety concerns.

The Port of Toronto has said its decision is final.

Canada is the world’s second-largest crude oil producer after Saudi Arabia.

In 2014, the country announced it was building a $3.5 billion pipeline from the southern U. S. states of California and Texas to the Pacific Coast.

It said it will send some oil from Alberta to Canada.

The company said the pipeline could bring $2.5 trillion in annual revenue to Canada over 30 years.

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